St. Petersburg Court is trying to block the group of the Russian LGBT Network in the social network Vkontakte.

Yesterday we were informed that on September 30, one of the St. Petersburg’s courts decided to block the official group of the Russian LGBT Network in the social network "Vkontakte". The decision was issued after monitoring of the webpage of the group that revealed the presence of:

  • Information "which neglects family values, promotes nontraditional sexual relations and forms disrespect to parents and/or other family members";
  • "pictures, photos and video content demonstrating homosexual love between men and women" which is "considered to be promotion of nontraditional sexual relations."

The judge Yelena Nikolayeva granted the prosecutor's request to block the group. The decision of the court should enter into force in 30 days. The Russian LGBT Network is going to appeal to the St.-Petersburg City Court.

Board of the Russian LGBT Network Svetlana Zakharova: "The Russian LGBT Network is a human rights organization. We do not post any materials, which is needed to be marked 18+. We tell about discrimination and violation of human rights, and we provide help to everyone including teen-agers. And we will struggle for our right to impart information."

The lawyer of the Russian LGBT Network Aleksandr Belik says that on September 30, the Oktyabrskiy District Court passed three judgements to block Internet pages for promotion of "nontraditional sexual relations", all three judgements were identical to each other, down to grammatical mistakes committed through copying of the texts. "The worst thing is that such judgements are rendered wholesale, it is very common practice. For example, on that day the Oktyabrskiy Regional Court held 42 pleas of blocking of websites including cases concerning sales of forged documents and sim-cards without passport, pornography and cruelty to animals. Every case took only 5 minutes. None of the owners of informational resources are notified. Prosecutors on different levels file lawsuits to Roskomnadzor, court makes decision to block information and no one of them even ask the owner of the information."