LGBT activist from Yaroslavl is accused of “propaganda of homosexual relations among minors”

On July 1st an LGBT activist Alexander Yubors (Salnikov) was charged with spreading “propaganda of homosexuality among minors”. Alexander took part in lots of public activities focused on LGBT people’s rights in Russia, including the ones dated May 17, May 27 and June 25 that most likely had attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. Based on police officers’ and so-called “Center against extremism” actions, originally, they had been gathering information to prosecute Alexander for organizing an illegal march. However, on June 28, he was stopped on the street and handed a subpoena to appear before Department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Kirovskiy district of Yaroslavl to draw up a protocol under article 6.21 of the Administrative Code (“propaganda of non-traditional homosexual relations”).

When Alexander came to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Kirovskiy district, police lieutenant Makovskiy running the case was absent and the protocol had already been prepared. The activist consulted the case file and recorded in writing that he didn’t agree with the protocol and didn’t admit guilt. The accused should be informed about the date of the meeting in the Kirovskiy district court of Yaroslavl in the presence of a lawyer.

“This case has no precedent in Yaroslavl. We, “Callisto” LGBT movement, consider the article 6.21 of the Administrative Code to be unconstitutional that violates human rights, and we advocate for its abolition because its main purpose is to pressure a minority that is objectionable to the government. We’re not scared of any protocols. We will continue to advocate for and defend the rights of LGBT people”. Alexander Yubors (Salnikov)

Alexander is a member of Yaroslavl “Callisto” LGBT movement (a collective member of the Russian LGBT network) and its leader. Russian LGBT network provided the activist with a lawyer in court. Besides that, there’s an emergency support program at the Russian LGBT network that allows to cover activists’ fines as a consequence of so-called “propaganda law”.