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The Russian LGBT Network is an interregional, non-governmental human rights organization that promotes equal rights and respect for human dignity, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We unite and develop regional initiatives, advocacy groups (at both national and international levels), and provide social and legal services.

We provide legal and psychological assistance, train LGBT activists and support regional LGBT and human rights organizations

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Saint Petersburg State University Redirected Responsibility for Maxim Drozhzhin’s Case to Ministry of Internal Affairs


"What did the university say in response to Maxim’s complaint? That, for some reason, they will not be looking into it themselves and it will now be a matter for the Ministry of Internal Affa...

Timur Bulatov to Pay after Insulting LGBTQ+ Activist Alla Chikinda


Court ruled to grant Alla Chikinda's request against anti-LGBT activist Timur Bulatov by making him pay a compensation for moral damages

Russian LGBT Network Recognized As a Foreign Agent


The Council of Russian LGBT Network made an official statement with regrads to this news.