The Russian LGBT Networks is highly disturbed and concerned about the information on the kidnapping and killing of people in Chechnya because of their sexual orientation. We are also outraged by the reaction of the officials of the Chechen Republic, who in fact justify the killings.  No national and/or religious traditions and norms can justify kidnapping or killing of a human being. Any references to “traditions” to justify kidnappings and killings are amoral and criminal. 


On March 16, the administrators of the LGBT community page “SQueer. We refuse to be invisible” in the social network “VKontakte” sent a complaint to the human rights ombudsperson Tatiana Moskal’kova. In their complaint Maxim Talyaiev and Andrey Nasonov say that the group was created with a view to “establish a stable society based on respect for human rights and tolerance to each other” and that it didn’t contain any forbidden information. The complainants also say that the public was denied access to the group’s internet page on the grounds of a subjective opinion of the prosecutor the city of Bryansk, who took legal action taking the case to court and there were no expert inquiry or opinion provided in the case.



"At the end of the first day participants gathered around the campfire with a guitar. Around 11 pm there was an armed attack on the camp. From 5 to 8 people, armed with sticks, started hitting the windows of the participants’ cars left near the tents. Several people were subjected to physical violence and got serious injuries. All these actions were accompanied by homophobic insults".


The Russian LGBT Network is deeply shocked by the events that happened in Orlando on June 12, 2016, by the events that caused death of 49 people and serious injuries of more than 50 people. The Russian LGBT Network express the deepest condolences to all friends and relatives of victims and survivors, and to all the population of the United States of America. We grieve together with you.


On May 17, the world celebrates International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. On this day in 1990, the World Health Organization excluded homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases.  Since 17 May 2009, Russia has held the Rainbow flashmob when colourful balloons are released into the sky. Out Loud tells how and where the actions took place in Russia.