At the 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council (held in Geneva) the report on the implementation of voluntary obligations taken by Russia in the context of human rights in the Universal Periodic Review was considered. Russia received extensive advice in the field of human rights for the next 4 years. The most popular questions concerned the "foreign agents" law, meetings and a ban on so-called "propaganda of homosexualism".


During the official visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the 8th of April in Amsterdam more than 3000 people protested against passing a ‘gay propaganda’ bill in Russia. The aim of Mr. Putin’s visit in Amsterdam was to celebrate the 400th anniversary of cultural exchange between the two countries and to declare, together with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Russia – The Netherlands Bilateral Year 2013.


On Sunday, March 31st 2013, activists of the Russian LGBT Network will hold one-person actions at the central square of Syktyvkar (capital city of the Republic of Komi, North-Western region of Russia). One-person picket is a special type of a street action in Russia which does not require permission of the authorities.


Russian LGBT Network submitted an alternative report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, offering its commentary on the most recent state report of the Russian Federation on implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Representatives of the Russian LGBT Network presented the situation with human rights as regards LGBT in Russia during the session of the UN Human Rights Council. The session is held from February 25 to March 22 in Geneva.


Today the State Duma passed bill against so called “propaganda of homosexualism” in the first reading (out of 390 deputes, 1 voted against, 1 abstained). The bill was introduced by the Novosibirsk region Legislative Assembly on 28 March. Its first reading was delayed many times. According to the article 6.13.1 the fine for persons is 4-5.000RUB (132-165USD), for officials – 40-50 000RUB (1300-1600USD), and 400-500 000RUB (13 200-16 500USD) for companies. Similar laws have passed in 10 regions of Russia.


“LGBT for the traditional values: love, family and respect for human dignity” actions took place in a number of Russian cities on January 22. Activists used elements of Russian traditional costumes: kerchief, kokoshnik, sarafan, kosovorotka (Russian national shirt) and other. This was a way to show that slander and discrimination against LGBT using the rhetoric of traditional values is unacceptable. These actions were also against the introduction of an article 6.13.1 banning so called “propaganda of homosexualism” to the Administrative Violations Code.


Today, 19 December 2012, Russian LGBT activists in different cities took to the streets protesting against a new amendment (article 6.13.1) to the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation which creates administrative responsibility for so called “propaganda of homosexualism”. The protests were took place despite the fact that the State Duma moved the first reading of draft law at the very last moment to 22 January 2013.