UN experts urged action after reports of renewed persecution of lesbian, gay and bisexual people

On February 13, the statement of the UN experts regarding renewed persecution of LGBT in Chechnya was published. The experts urged the Russian authorities to protect the rights of people who are, or are perceived to be, lesbian, gay or bisexual in Chechnya, and investigate allegations of human rights abuses including two reported deaths.

We are alarmed by information pointing to a new wave of persecution based on sexual orientation. Abuse inflicted on victims has allegedly become more cruel and violent compared with reports from 2017. It is no longer only gay men in Chechnya who are being targeted but women also,” the experts said.

The UN experts noted that, the Russian authorities not only do not provide any substantial answers to the questions asked, but also denies even the existence of LGBT in Chechnya (they refer to the statement made by Alexander Konovalov at the UPR session who said that ‘it was not possible to find representatives of the LGBT community in Chechnya’).

Information about mass perfection (illegal detainments, tortures and even killings) of LGBT in Chechnya became public in April 2017. Despite all the efforts of human rights defenders, both Russian and Chechen authorities denies the fact of persecution and existence of LGBT in Chechnya.