Twelve human rights organizations prepared a joint report for the UN

Twelve human rights organisations have prepared an alternative report on the state of human rights in Russia for the UN Human Rights Committee. The report is divided into eleven sections and highlights a wide range of problems faced in Russia, ranging from violations of LGBT rights in the North Caucasus, to domestic violence.

Illustration: Maria Tolstova, specially commissioned for the Human Rights Center “Memorial”.

The report was prepared with the participation of twelve public organisations, namely:

  • Human Rights Center “Memorial”
  • OVD-Info
  • Stichting Justice Initiative
  • Committee against Torture
  • Moscow LGBT Initiative Group «Stimul»
  • Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Convicted Persons and their Families ("Russia
  • Behind Bars" project)
  • SOVA Center for Information and Analysis
  • Mass Media Defence Centre
  • Public Verdict Foundation
  • Human Rights NGO "Citizens' Watch"
  • Russian LGBT Network
  • Transgender Legal Defense Project

“We have focused on the most disturbing challenges faced by LGBTQ people, but this is not an exhaustive list of pressing issues. In a situation where sexual identity has become an occasion for violence and the destruction of family, and education leads not to a tolerant environment, but to criminal liability, it is impossible to talk about the state’s concern for LGBTQ citizens. Furthermore, Russia has signed a number of international agreements, pacts, and conventions that contain provisions that all citizens should be treated equally, and have access to a prosperous life. Now, the Russian authorities will again have to answer questions that the committee deems important, based on data from human rights defenders. “This is another reason to publicise the problems heralded by discrimination, to hear the position of the authorities and remind them once again to seek not mere excuses, but genuine solutions to problems caused by the flourishing state of homophobia and transphobia".

Program Coordinator, Monitoring and International Advocacy of the Russian LGBT Network Natalya Poplevskaya