Russian LGBT Network presented a report on discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression at the Human Rights Council

The report on LGBT discrimination in education was presented On May 21 at the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights by the Coordinator of Monitoring Programs and International Advocacy. The report was prepared based on the policy brief submitted to the Human Rights Council in March 2017.

The 3-page policy brief describes three systemic issues which are faced by the LGBT community and allies in education field. This includes the dismissal of teachers on the ground of sexual orientation and gender identity, a high level of violence due to homophobia and transphobia in the school environment, and the introduction of anti-scientific views on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We believe that the administrations of educational institutions should provide protection to the LGBT-identified educators from unreasonable attacks and abuse connected with their sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as ensure equal opportunities based on their professional competency rather than the influence of anti-LGBT activists, whose goal is to limit LGBT rights in communication with minors.

We also consider it necessary to educate students on the topic of respecting the dignity and human rights of each other regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and other identity characteristics. Moreover, it is important for educational authorities to foster initiatives of creating a safer space for people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. We believe that in order to eliminate discrimination against LGBT educators and students, the professional training programs of the teaching community should be compiled in accordance with the recent collection of data from natural and social sciences on LGBT community.