Police broke into the LGBT community center in Archangelsk

On March 28, the law enforcement officers broke into LGBT organization “Rakurs” community center in Archangelsk. It turned out that it was a “verification” of the complaint submitted by unknown person. The law enforcement officers were checking community center guests’ documents and were withdrawing brochures and other materials. The lawyer Alexey Kuroptev prepares the complaint to the court.

On March 28, around 3 pm, four law enforcement officers burst into the Archangelsk LGBT community center. There was a person from the criminal investigation department, police investigator, members of the juvenile commission and of prosecutor’s office. As one of them told, the reason of the “visit” was a complaint stating that there was “propaganda of homosexual relations among minors at the community center”.

Law enforcement officers inspected the premise and withdrew some brochures and other materials. They also checked all the visitors’ ID and recorded personal data. There were no minors among the visitors and shortly all people could leave the community center.
The lawyer Alexey Kuroptev says that such a situation happened in Archangelsk for the first time. He adds that shortly the complaint will be submitted to the court.