LGBT Activists attack themselves in order to attract media attention: how cruel crimes in Russia have been investigated

The European Court of Human Rights has sent case materials to the lawyer of LGBT activist Dmitry Chizhevsky to assist his case, one that has proven difficult for a number of years because Russian law enforcement agencies did not give her access to the relevant materials. According to these materials, it turns out that the investigation considered a case where, in fact, it was the LGBT activists themselves who shot Chizhevsky in the eye, in order to attract media attention, despite the fact that the notorious anti-LGBT activist Timur Isaev confessed during the interrogation that he possessed photos on his tablet of the activist, and he himself owns an air gun.

At the end of May 2018, Olga Tseitlina, the lawyer of Dmitry Chizhevsky, was finally granted access to the pre-investigation materials. The incident itself, where Dmitry Chizhevsky lost sight in one eye as a result of a homophobic attack, occurred in 2013. For several years, his lawyer attempted to acquire information on the efforts to investigate this crime, but was repeatedly denied access. To find out the details of the pre-investigation, Tseitlina had to contact the ECHR, which sent her all the case materials themselves.

In actual fact, in November 2013, the investigation was considering three different versions of the case: a hate crime incited by hooligan motives, a hate crime involving hooligan motives concerning hate or enmity towards LGBT groups, and a version stating “the crime was staged by participants of the event or representatives of the LGBT people in order to attract media attention”. According to this version, the participants of the Rainbow Coffee shot Chizhevsky in the eye themselves. At the same time, despite the fact that the case materials imply that the LaSky project has received multiple counts of threats and hate speech against the LGBT community, the hate motive has not been taken into account.

It also went unmentioned that the group “Volok-Homophobe” (Wolf-Homophobe) post regular updates about LGBT events happening in the LaSky community centre in the social network “VKontakte”, with the note “addresses of permanent sodomite gatherings”. In this group, in a separate post, were details about the Rainbow Coffee Festival, with a note strengthening the motives of the attack, saying “We hope someone will visit these stray sheep and guide them along the true way!”

Moreover, in the case materials there are transcripts of interrogations with well-known homophobic activists Timur Isaev (real name Timur Bulatov) and Dmitry Deineko. Both men talk with satisfaction about the persecution of LGBT teachers, and Timur Isaev confirms that he has photos of Dmitry Chizhevsky on his tablet, and that he possesses pneumatic weapons, including a revolver that shoots that same bullets as the one removed from the eye of the LGBT activist.

The attack on the LaSky community centre occurred on 3rd November 2013, injuring multiple people, and resulted in Dmitry Chizhevsky losing sight in one eye. As a result of the attack, a criminal investigation was launched under article 213 of the Criminal Code - Hooliganism, but was suspended in March 2015 as a result of a failure to identify a perpetrator to be charged as accused. Subsequently, a complaint to the ECHR was filed in 2015, and communicated in 2017.