ECHR communicates the case of assault against an LGBT activist Vasiliy Ivanov

ECHR communicated the case of the attack on a member of “Alliance of Heterosexuals for LGBT Equality”1 Vasiliy Ivanov on May 28th. The complaint was filed in November 2014, and the assault took place in June 2012. One of the attackers was found guilty and sentenced to 5 months of correctional labor, but the court didn’t take into account the motive of hatred. “The punishment could’ve been much more serious if the motive of hatred was taken into account in Russia”, a lawyer Maria Kozlovskaya points out.

On June 12th, 2012 a group of people attacked LGBT activists that were returning from the rally devoted to Russia Day. The attackers’ attention was attracted by rainbow flags and a rolled-up banner. They pepper-sprayed and beat up the activists. 5 people were injured to various degrees in the attack.

Vasiliy Ivanov reported the crime to the police, and one of the assailants, Dmitry Deyneko, was convicted of violence motivated by hooliganism. The court sentenced him to 5 months of correctional labor and 5% withholding of wages. Even though Deyneko himself had stated many times that the attack was carried out precisely because of rainbow symbols, the court didn’t take into account the motive of hatred.

Dzerzhinsky District Court of Saint Petersburg dismissed lawyers’ appeal who tried to prove that it was a hate crime against LGBT social group, on November 5th the complaint was forwarded to ECHR.

The complaint was filed by Kirill Koroteev and Maria Kozlovskaya.

1. Now "Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT for Equality"