The ECHR ruled on the application of urgent measures on the detained Ismail Isaev and Salekh Magamadov, thereby confirming the risk of causing irreparable harm.
08 February 2021
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The European Court of Human Rights ruled on the application of urgent measures under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court and, thus, agreed with the arguments of the representative of the Russian LGBT Network Veronika Lapina that there is a risk of irreparable harm for Magamadov and Isayev.

On February 8, the ECHR ordered the Russian Federation to take urgent action on Ismail Isayev and Salekh Magomedov if they are indeed in custody. They should be immediately examined by independent health professionals and given unhindered access to their lawyer and close relatives (parents and/or siblings).

 Since February 4, lawyers of the Russian LGBT Network, Alexander Nemov, and Mark Alekseev, have not been allowed to meet with their clients.
From the moment of the arrest, the lawyers were not told the reason for the detention, were not informed about the whereabouts of Isayev and Magamadov, were not provided with the case materials, and were not allowed to see the detainees.

 Today, on February 8, an employee of the temporary detention center of the Urus-Martan district indicated their location in oral communication. However, he did not let the lawyer see the detainees, preventing him from going beyond the checkpoint.