Russian LGBT Discrimination Monitor

by Margret Satterwaite


The Humanist Youth Movement is well known in Murmansk for its active involvement in protest and civil society actions. They protested against the Pussy Riot trial, in support of abolition of mandatory military service, freedom of speech and against LGBT discrimination. According to their official agenda, the movement promotes humanistic values and opposes discriminatory ideologies. 


Prominent LGBT campaigner Pavel Lebedev was attacked on the night of June 3 in his home city of Voronezh.

"My boyfriend and I were sitting on a bench near our house when we were approached by a group of drunken... citizens. One of them asked for a cigarette which I gave him. But instead of thanking me, he said then: Are you that ***! Have long been looking for you."


Some 30 activists took part in the "Rainbow Rally" in support of the rights of children and teenagers. The rally had been authorised by the Moscow city authorities to be held in Moscow's 'Hyde Park'. Before the event, the activists were attacked by a group of religious "fundamentalists" at their assembly spot, pelted with rotten eggs and sprayed with pepper gas.


Voronezh LGBT community decided against picketing on May 26, which they had planned to hold instead of the banned gay pride march in the city centre.

The initial plan of Voronezh LGBT activists was to march on May 26 in commemoration of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. The city authorities banned this event with reference to Para 4 Part 2 of Article 5 of the Federal law "On Proеection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development." 


Rainbow over Amur River flash mob organised for May 17 by the local LGBT activists only lasted some 3 minutes before being disrupted by an angry crowd, Interfax news agency reports.  

"The event was planned for Saturday, May 17, and the organisers had been warned by the authorities of the extremely negative attitudes of the public. The police did their duty by preventing pubic disturbances. More than 300 locals came not to let the flash mob take place", police spokeswoman for Khabarovsk territory said.


The infamous homophobic social network community has posted a sticky album on its page containing photos and introductory details of St Petersburg teachers, scholars and experts who have either at some point or systematically speak up in support of LGBT rights. They are accused of "pro-sodomy propaganda". 


May 17 saw a multitude of events across Russia celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. 

Rainbow Flash mobs on this day have been held in Russia since 2009 when Russian activists in 30 cities for the first time joined the world in marking this special date.


Earlier we reported how on May 1 Moscow police acted efficiently and in keeping with their duty to protect law-abiding citizens when it arrested several from the gang of religious fundamentalists attacking the joint rally of LGBT and liberal left activists.  


Khabarovsk Movements Against Sexual Perversions is collecting signatures under a petition to cancel the LGBT picket Rainbow over Amur River, which is planned for May 17. Chairman Sergey Pleshakov says the petition was posted on May 13, with only four days left before the event.


This banner depicting the Eurovision contest winner Conchita Wurst, who sparked a major controversy in Russia, next to prominent Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny was found hanging from a building on Sadovoye Ring, one of the busiest streets of Moscow, on May 14. 

The writing below reads: Nothing's gonna stop us!

with the banner claimed to be showing the two greatest enemies of Russia.