Witness To Beating Of LGBT Activists Deceased, LGBT Network Lawyer Attacked At Court House

Maria Kozlovskaya, lawyer of the Russian LGBT Network, was attacked at the court house in Saint Petersburg. Area 201 justice’s court has investigated today the case of an attack against LGBT activists on 12 June 2012. A young man with his face covered with a scarf assaulted Maria by throwing chicken eggs at her. Two eggs hit her head. Such provocations already took place during sittings at the court house some time ago. Hate acts near the court house ceased after the judge’s reprimand to the accused. As evidenced by the released video of the accident, the act was planned by the 'backup team' of the accused.

Final sitting of the court for considering of the case of the attack against LGBT activists on 12 June 2012 has taken place today. The court heard the testimony of the accused Dmitry Deyneko who beat a LGBT activist. Deyneko denied his involvement in the beating. In his words, he only took the banner and threw it to the Griboyedov canal. The accused gave as a reason that––in his opinion––the banner propagated homosexuality as it contained the abbreviation of LGBT.

A disc with the photographs of the accident was previously entered into the case file. The photographs clearly show that Deyneko was beating the victim with his fist to the victim’s face. The affiant, the author of these photographs and renowned photographer, had to testify at the previous hearing on 26 September. The witness could not be heard because he could not be reached through any communications channels. As informed by mass media, the photographer died on the night of 12/13 October. According to the official information, the photographer fell out with his common-law wife, cut her throat, and threw her body from his balcony on the sixth floor. Then, the witness––reeling in shock––jumped out, too. However, besides multiple fractures and contusions to the internals, an incised wound to his neck was detected. 

On 12 June 2012, an attack was mounted against members of the approved rally timed to coincide with the Day of Russia when they headed to the subway after the rally. Nine LGBT activists and members of the Straights For Equality alliance carried folded rainbow flags and a banner of the alliance. Eight to ten young people attacked them from their back. Most of them carried masks, and some of them were previously seen at the rally among nationalists. The attackers sprayed pepper gas from cans and beat the activists. Five persons altogether suffered the attack. The victims suffered injuries of varying severity. A criminal case was initiated over the attack. The next court hearing for this case is scheduled for 28 October.