Voronezh LGBT community decide to cancel picketing due to threats

Voronezh LGBT community decided against picketing on May 26, which they had planned to hold instead of the banned gay pride march in the city centre.

The initial plan of Voronezh LGBT activists was to march on May 26 in commemoration of the decriminalisation of homosexuality. The city authorities banned this event with reference to Para 4 Part 2 of Article 5 of the Federal law "On Proеection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development." 

After receiving a refusal to sanction that event from the city authorities, the activisits decided to hold single pickets instead. However, later this scenario was also cancelled, the reason for that being threats they had received from the local extremist groups.

For example, the leader of the People's Patriotic Union "PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY" Yevgeny Mazepin, known as one Voronezh's fiercest "moral crusader", suggested on his VK social networking page that the attackers split into groups of three and arm themselves with slingshots.

- "Tins wrapped in plastic bags have so far proved to be an excellent weapon, he adds in tones of experience. - Should you spot any activists, take care to annihilate them. .. (He goes on to list possible locations where activists might gather...)... The best of luck with hunting, my wolves!!"

LGBT activists furthermore report that they have been receiving personal thrats. Complaints that they submitted to the police in this regard remain unanswered, says Voronezh LGBT community leader Pavel Lebedev.