An Update on the Matter of the Fundraising Activities for the Chechnya Cause on Behalf of the Russian LGBT Network

Over the last couple of months, the Russian LGBT Network has been using its best efforts to evacuate and support people who are persecuted in the Chechen Republic based on their sexuality. The Network also tries to make sure that the federal authorities initiate a transparent and effective investigation of persecution, unlawful detainments, tortures, and murders of homosexual people in Chechnya. Since the beginning of April, more than 120 people applied for emergency assistance through the hotline ([email protected]). More than 60 people were evacuated from the region; 27 found sanctuary outside of Russia.

As of 13th of July, the Network has received donations from various organizations to fund its work in Chechnya. The Network has received USD 238 000 and has already spent 92 500. Mostly the funds covered travel costs, housing, first aid, nutrition, security, medical and psychological assistance and paperwork. The Russian LGBT Network acknowledges that our work with the victims fleeing the Chechen Republic would be impossible without financial assistance from our Russian and international partners. We are immensely grateful for all organizations and individual donors, who decided to help the cause.

Now we have received funding from the following organizations: All Out, Enough is Enough & Campaign against Homophobia Germany (Aktionsbündnis given Homophobie), COC Netherlands and the Network (Switzerland) and Fundacja Reform na Rzech Promoji Zdrowia Budowania Wiezi. Other two organizations requested to remain anonymous.

The Network has also reached certain agreements on funding with Rainbow Railroad (Canada) и SETA (Finland).

We are also grateful to the AVAAZ Foundation for their donation for the endowment of the Russian LGBT Network.

The Russian LGBT Network is also grateful for all the people, who donated money through our fundraising pages, who organized local events all over the world. Since the 1st of April, more than a thousand people donated money through our website . A number of private donations has reached EUR 57 000. We are extremely grateful for the trust you put in our work and we will continue sharing the information on how we spend the money you have entrusted to us.

We are happy to share the names of our private donors, who agreed to appear on the list:

  • Mason Hancock and Oxford University LGBTQ+ Society in the UK
  • Jean Paul Gauguier and LGBT Ecce Homo in France
  • The San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Asylum of the Tortured Heart, Inc.)
  • Sexual Health Information Networking & Education SA Inc (Shine SA)
  • Céline Tiberghien and a French Tango Queer Association
  • Gavin Kelleher Organization: The People's Film Club

From various sources, we receive information that different organizations are campaigning and fundraising money in favor of homosexual people from Chechnya on our behalf. Not all of these fundraising actions were coordinated with the Russian LGBT Network and not all of the funds collected have been transferred to our account. We can not be held responsible for fundraising campaigns, which were organized without an agreement with the Russian LGBT Network.