An Update on the Matter of the Fundraising Activities for the Chechnya Cause on Behalf of the Russian LGBT Network

The Russian LGBT Network continues its efforts to evacuate homosexuals from Chechnya. As of today, 80 people requested assistance. 42 people were evacuated from the region. The Russian LGBT Network not only assists people in leaving the Republic, but also provides them with temporary housing, and offers psychological, medical, and legal help. We also use our best efforts to relocate the victims abroad.  For many of them to stay in the country means to put their lives at great risk. While the team of the Russian LGBT Network continues to evacuate people from the Chechen Republic, our work would be impossible without the support of an immense number of Russian and international organizations.

We express gratitude to the organizations and funds that have organized fundraising campaign on our behalf. At the beginning of April we started cooperating with “All Out” and “Enough is Enough”. Later we received other proposals for joint fundraising campaigns. At the moment we received financial support from the following donors: All Out, Enough is Enough, COC Netherlands, and the Network (Switzerland). The amount of money we received is close to USD 176,000. We currently spent USD 62,700 to cover travel costs, housing, food, medical help and other urgent necessities.

We also reached certain agreements on our joint fundraising plans with “Rainbow Railroad” (Canada), SETA (Finland), and Avaaz.

From various sources, we receive information that different organizations are campaigning and fundraising money in favor of homosexual people from Chechnya on our behalf. Not all of these fundraising actions were coordinated with the Russian LGBT Network and not all of the funds collected have been transferred to our account. We can not be held responsible for fundraising campaigns, which were organized without an agreement with the Russian LGBT Network.

The Russian LGBT Network is immensely grateful to those people, who submitted individual donations through our website and those, who collected money during pride parades or other events. Every donation — big or small — helps our cause. Since the beginning of April, we received almost a hundred (1000) of individual donations through our website The total amount of private donations reached USD 26,800. We are filled with gratitude for your trust and compassion and will share with you the information about how we spent these funds.