Today Oleg Kluenkov was dismissed from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University

We have already reported about the professor of Northern (Arctic) Federal University (N(A)FU), Oleg Kluenkov, who was under the pressure because of his LGBT-activism. Today he was fired because of the alleged “absenteeism”.

As it is stated in the dismissal letter, the educator was fired because of the submission of the Prosecutor’s office devoted to Kluenkov’s “absenteeism” – so he was dismissed “for being absent from work without excuse”. It is important to mention that Prosecutor’s office does not have the power to check individuals and, therefore, it acts unlawfully and uses political pressure to make the administration of N(A)FU to dismiss Kluenkov.

The actual reason of Kluenkov’s dismissal is activism and open support of LGBT-community. The story starts in February 2014, when homophobic website published a text where the educator was accused of “absence in his working place”. The cause of the absence was his journey to the United States during the time when he had no classes. Subsequently, the requests from the prosecutor’s office of Arkhangelsk about educator's’s activity and meetings with Federal Security Service Directorate’s officer and University representatives followed. As a result, Kluenkov was reprimanded for “being absent in his working place”. He was asked to leave his job “voluntarily”, but refused to “obey”, and, finally, he was dismissed.

However, Kluenkov is willing to defend his rights in the court and already applied for that. The first preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 2. Russian LGBT Network provides legal aid to the educator.