Six LGBT Activists Detained in Moscow

Six LGBT activists have been detained at the State Children's Library in Moscow. The detention took place after the activist Aleksey Davidov stood in front of the library building with a banner where there was written that "Being Gay is Normal". The manifestation was dedicated to the Russian law banning propaganda of "non-traditional sexual relationships" among the under-aged. The law came into force on the 29th of June this year.

The police press office announced that the activists were detained for "violating social order" and that they have been "delivered to a police station for a decision to be made about administrative responsibility". However, one of the detained, Nix Nemeni, said that the police are planning to make protocols under article 6.21 - that is, the article banning "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships".

Together with Davidov and Nix Nemeni were detained activists Roman Petrishev, Nikita Gurianov, Ildar Dadin and Reyda Linn. They are all at the district police station called "Yakimanka" in Moscow.