School for LGBT activists gathered more than 50 people from all over Russia

In March, the school for LGBT activists organized by the Russian LGBT Network took place in Moscow. More than 50 people from different regions of Russia participated in the seminars and trainings, shared experience and learned something new.

The school was devoted one big theme – communications. Anna Kletsina from the NGO Development Center facilitated the first part – “Work with volunteers and supporters”. The second part was devoted to advocacy and work with mass media; it was facilitated by the lawyer and the communication manager of the Russian LGBT Network – Maria Kozlovskaya and Svetlana Zakharova.

One evening brought great surprise for all participants – the screening of the film “Pride” was followed by the discussion with the representatives of the “Union Rights' Defense Centre”, Inter-Regional Trade Union “University Solidarity” and Interregional Trade Union of Education Employees “Teacher”. Moreover, Gethin Roberts, one of the prototypes from the film “Pride” and the participant of the events shown in the movie, took part in the discussion.

As the senior lawyer of the Russian LGBT Network Maria Kozlovskaya put it, “We are truly happy that each time different people come to our events. It means that LGBT movement is growing and that more people are ready to fight for their rights”.