The Russian LGBT Network submitted a report on LGBT rights violations to the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner

The Russian LGBT Network submitted its annual report "Discrimination Monitoring based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in 2016" to the office of the Russian Ombudsperson.

The report was compiled on the basis of data obtained as a result of an online survey for the members of LGBT community. Three thousand five hundreds seventy-nine (3 579) people participated in the survey. More than 2,000 people reported about psychological violence, 473 people became victims of physical violence, 96 people reported that their sexual orientation or gender identity caused sexual assault or rape. The data of the quantitative study confirm the information obtained as a result of qualitative research. In 2016, the monitoring program of the Russian LGBT Network documented 380 cases of human rights violations on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, including 84 cases of physical violence.

The Russian LGBT Network regularly shares the data about discrimination of LGBT people in Russia with the Human Rights Ombudsperson. However, these data have never been included in the annual report of the Ombudsperson. The current Commissioner, Tatyana Moskal'kova, is known for her homophobic rhetoric. In august 2016, she stated in an interview with Novaya Gazeta that "between 2012 and today, sexual minorities are not infringed in their rights. They did not cease to exist; they do not interfered in their activities."

"The data we are collecting annually indicate a persistent problem, which requires the same strong attention as the problems of other vulnerable groups. The fact that LGBT people appear on the agenda only in the discussion of the "informational war initiated by the Gayrope [In the homophobic articles Europe is often called that way]". It is not only ridiculous but also contributes to the formation of a specific attitude towards the problems associated with LGBT people.

The stigma is supported by the mass media. The state policies not only don’t confront such an attitude, but rather support it by reluctant investigation of hate crimes, and legislative initiatives that prevent the improvement of LGBT status in Russia."
Natalia Poplevskaya, coordinator of the monitoring program of the Russian LGBT Network