Russia has been asked to protect the rights of LGBT people at the session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

At the 16th session of the UN Human Rights Council (held in Geneva) the report on the implementation of voluntary obligations taken by Russia in the context of human rights in the Universal Periodic Review was considered. Russia received extensive advice in the field of human rights for the next 4 years. The most popular questions concerned the "foreign agents" law, meetings and a ban on so-called "propaganda of homosexualism".

The problems related to Russian LGBT people were discussed by the representatives of 15 countries. There were suggested recommendations for anti-discrimination measures, the need for effective investigation of crimes motivated by hatred of the LGBT community. Switzerland equalized racial discrimination and discrimination against LGBT people. And Uruguay urged to take measures to ensure freedom of assembly for LGBT people.

Denmark expressed concern against the proposed federal law on prohibiting "propaganda of homosexualism" and advised to abolish the implementation of similar regional laws,which reinforce discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. According to Denmark, if such a law was implemented at the federal level, the situation would worsen discrimination, as these laws will violate the rights of LGBT people to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

It should be noted that along with other states which traditionally support the observance of the human rights of LGBT people, Slovenia recommended to abolish the laws prohibiting "propaganda of homosexualism". The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Austria also recommended to abolish the laws and not to legalize the laws at the federal level. The representative of Belgium said that freedom of expression was extended to all, including the LGBT community; and the representative of Austria said that the laws prohibiting "propaganda of homosexualism" did not comply with Russia's international treaties.

Recommendations on Russian LGBT rights were also made by Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada and Argentina.

At the end of the dialogue the head of the Russian delegation, the Minister of Justice, Konovalov said in his closing remarks that Russia could not allow the predominance of certain social groups' interests. He also said that Russia did not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and did not have any facts about it.

Russian LGBT Network submitted its report on the human rights situation in Russia regarding to LGBT people, thus becoming the only Russian LGBT organization took part in the UPR process on Russia.