Petitioners seek to cancel LGBT picket in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Movements Against Sexual Perversions is collecting signatures under a petition to cancel the LGBT picket Rainbow over Amur River, which is planned for May 17. Chairman Sergey Pleshakov says the petition was posted on May 13, with only four days left before the event.

— "Today a drag queen won the Eurovision contest, tomorrow the organisers of this event will bring some "conchita" like that to your homes. Your children will be looking with their innocent eyes into your eyes, asking: "What is wrong with these gays? They are so cool!"

And you will have no say on the subject. Because bearded Venuses will come to be popular TV personalities and cartoon characters, they will feature in perfume ads and teach sex education at our schools," - this is what Pleshakov proclaims on his social networking page.


Organiser of the Rainbow over Amur River picket Alexander Yermoshkin barred this with claiming there are no legal grounds for cancelling the event.

— "There have been numerous appeals against such decisions in many courts across Russia," — he says.