Perm Prosecutor’s office didn’t find any violations in the activity of the “International LGBT movement”

Recently Perm community center for LGBT was twice inspected by the Prosecutor's office. The inspections were conducted upon the private complaint: a private person stated that in Perm there is an “international LGBT community”, which promotes “illegal activities associated with the promotion and inducement of minors to non-traditional sexual relationships”.

The inspections took place at the end of September and early October. For the first time, two police officers and the representative of the Prosecutor's Office came to the community center. Those who came argued that the inspection is conducted upon the complaint of a citizen, stating the “there is LGBT community in this premises” that “attract underage”. Law enforcement officers didn’t provide the complaint itself, but filed a report. Unexpected guests spent 3 hours in the community center. All the time the activist, who was at the community center that time, was not allowed to leave the office.

The second visit was even more startling: 14 people, representatives of the police and the Prosecutor's Office, bursts in the community center without warning. At that moment, there was a seminar on the informational security in the community center. Representatives of law enforcement agencies pushed the participants of the seminar against a wall, and took away the mobile phones without any explanations. During the inspection, “guests” checked all the available documents and examined content of the personal computers. All this time they used hate speech and made unacceptable comments regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.  Two hours later, they left the community center.

Both inspections and misconduct of the police became the reason for the official complain. However, according to response received, no violations or abuse of power was found.