“In order to get the confession, they beat him with a hose and tortured with electricity”

From the messages that were received through the hotline of the Russian LGBT Network ([email protected]) organized to provide help to LGBT people in Chechnya. The messages were received on March 29 – April 2. All the stories are published with the consent of the informants.

Young man from Grozny, gay. Few month ago, he moved to N (one Russian city). He wanted to reside there, but did not manage to get a job, and was going to return to Chechnya in the middle of March. He tried to reach his friend back in Chechnya, but failed. In a week, his friend contacted him and told him, that he had been just released. He was detained by some security officials on suspicion of homosexuality. In order to get the confession, they beat him with a hose and tortured with electricity. He reported that about 30 people were locked in the same room together with him. According to him, the security officials themselves stated that the order came from the leaders of the Republic. The detained were forced to share the contacts of other gay men. The more the person informed, the longer he was detained.

Another one person who contacted the Network reported that his acquaintance was also detained on suspicion of homosexuality. Messages in the social network “VKontakte” were the cause. People in the “Terek” uniform (Special Rapid Response Team) put a young man in a car and took to an unknown location. Family was not informed about the reasons of detention. The young man was detained and tortured for several days. The relatives managed to identify the place of detention. The father was told that that his son would be publicly ashamed on TV and then released. The young man was indeed released, the conditions are unknown. His whereabouts are unknown. But there is an information, that he never left Chechnya.

An anonymous source contacted the hotline and reported that he was detained and witnessed mass tortures of people suspected of homosexuality. It happened in an abandoned hut next to Argun city. He was detained on February 28. Fifteen people were locked in the same hut with him, including famous in Chechnya hairdresser and showman. The detained were beaten, tortured with electricity. The anonymous source provided the photos with extensive hematomas. The detained were not fed properly. Sometimes people were beaten to death. On March 5, one young man (N) was taken away by his father and brother. The relatives handcuffed him and drove him away. He never returned at home. The rest of the detained were told: “If there are men in your families, the will kill you like N”. The anonymous source was released on March 7. He managed to leave Chechnya together with his family. Now he is outside of Russia.