One more court ruled to block the resources of the group “Children-404”

Today Central District Court of Barnaul has issued the decision regarding Elena Klimova and “Children-404” project.

At the hearing, Prosecutor Office’s representative provided the documents stating that the group “Children-404” in the social network “VKontakte” (Russian version of FB) was supposed to be blocked by the decision of the Kaluga district court. It is the first time when it became known that a separate case against the project was initiated in Kaluga. Klimova’s lawyer Dmitry Bartenev provided two expert reports and other material to prove that the materials of the project is not “propaganda”.

The court rejected to consider the group “Vkontakte" case. Probably, because there is already the decision that this group is to be blocked. However, according to the today’s decision, the website of the project “Children-404” should be blocked. Senior lawyer of the Russian LGBT Network Maria Kozlovskaya said that “Perhaps the decision was made even before the hearing, and no expert reports or other materials could change this situation”.

Both decisions will be appealed.


In March 2013, a journalist from Nizhniy Tagil Elena Klimova published a series of articles devoted to LGBT-minors. Shortly thereafter, she received a letter from a young girl writing that she had been thinking about suicide because of the humiliation and harassment by yearlings and parents. However, she changed her mind because of the Klimova’s article. Elena Klimova started to look for information about LGBT minors and created an online survey. In two weeks, she received more than 100 letters and decided to start the project to support LGBT minors. This project was named “Children-404. LGBT Minors. We Exist”. On the pages of the project, the letters from LGBT children are published anonymously – minors share the problems they face in their lives.