Novosibirsk regional court confirms: job rejection based on sexual orientation is not legal

The Novosibirsk appellate court has assessed the appeal of Ltd “Sib-Alliance” against homosexual woman Anna Balash and confirms, that discriminatory refusals to hire are unlawful.

Before, Zheleznodorozhny court of the first instance pronounced the unlawfulness of a job rejection based on Anna's sexual orientation. The court ordered the defendant to conclude an employment contract with the applicant and to pay damages - 1000 rubles.

Attorney Anna Jagubtseva points out: “The court of appeal has reached a lawful and fair decision. Although the employer was being optimistic, we have been expecting this decision right from the beginning. The defendant hasn't informed us yet about its attentions to appeal to third instance, but in any case we are ready to continue the fight for the employee's interests!”

Quick reminder: Anna Balash applied twice to a job at “Sib-Alliance. The first time in October 2015, the second time in February 2016 when she had noticed, the job vacancy hasn't been still filled. Both times she was rejected on the sole ground that she had a “non-traditional sexual orientation”.

Moreover, the company provided her with a letter explaining that the refusal to hire her “is connected to the fact that non-traditional sexual orientations are not in compliance with the requirements for her position as it can affect negatively company's image and prevent from fulfilling contractual obligations. The position includes work with the clients, most of which support traditional concept of society and family. Offering the place can therefore result in losses for our company”.