News Update: Persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya, April 17

The Russian LGBT Network continues to work on the evacuation of those persecuted by the authorities in Chechnya because of their real or assumed homosexuality. To date around 60 people have contacted the Russian LGBT Network. Some of these people are still in the area and are in need of urgent evacuation, while others have managed to relocate themselves but nevertheless need further assistance. More than 30 people have already been provided with support.

Among those who have applied to us for help, there are two victims of the persecutions, with whom we suddenly lost contact for unknown reasons. We presume some people may have decided to delay their decision to leave the region, but unfortunately, we cannot rule out the possibility that something more untoward has happened to them.

We know that people and organizations all over the world are collecting money in order to support our work in evacuating people from the region, and we are greatly appreciative. This money will go towards transportation, accommodation, basic goods, medical and psychological support as well as the preparation of necessary documents. It is dangerous for most of the survivors to stay in Russia; therefore, we are preparing for their evacuation from the country.

In Moscow, our work is organized in cooperation with the Moscow Community Center.