Murmansk court: the attack on the LGBT organization’s office is not a crime

Murmansk's Lenin District court ruled that the denial to initiate a criminal case regarding the attack on the office of Murmansk LGBT organization is "legal, reasonable and justified". The judge Nina Mironenko found that there was no harm inflicted to the victims' health.  Moreover, the court didn't take into account the medical report confirming such harm and didn't consider the fact of the attack itself.

Already in July, there was an investigator’s order not to initiate a criminal case. The denial was explained with the "absence of crime" in spraying an unknown toxic gas inside the office of the LGBT organization "Maximum".  However, one of the victims, Violetta Grudina, filed for a review against the judgment. The activist pointed out in her appeal that she suffered "physical damage, bodily injuries, chemical poisoning and harm to health" due to the attack. But the court didn't accept her arguments.

"We will appeal the court decision. To begin with, the court didn't consider the fact of the attack as such. This logic suggests that the attack itself and spraying of a toxic substance at someone’s working place is not a crime as long as the victims have strong health, and survived the attack. Moreover, medical workers established the fact of causing harm to my health which was ignored by the court". Violetta Grudina, survivor

"From the very beginning, the police was unwilling to investigate the crime. Despite the fact that we filed a complaint against the police failing to investigate the case properly, and that Grudina met Alexander Patrikeev, Commissioner for Human Rights, who promised to support an effective investigation of the case, the time limits were constantly exceeded. In addition, we have reasons to believe that the investigation did not take all necessary steps to solve the case". Artem Zimin, lawyer of the Russian LGBT network

To remind, in April 2015, unknown people attacked the office of the Murmansk LGBT organization "Maximum" and sprayed some unknown chemicals inside the office. As a result, two people were injured – they began choking and vomiting.