Monitoring of discrimination and violence based on SOGI in Russia in 2015

“Monitoring report of discrimination and violence based on SOGI in Russia in 2015” conducted in 9 cites all across the country, monitored 284 cases of violence and discrimination. The report shows that the main problems the Russian LGBT community faced in 2015 were physical violence, violation of labor rights, interference with the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, domestic violence and violation of parental rights.

In the beginning of 2016, the Russian version of the report was submitted to the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, that time it was Ella Pamfilova. However, she failed to include the information regarding violation of LGBT rights into her annual report. New High Commissioner for Human rights Tatiana Moskalkova, who was appointed in April 2016, recently stated in the interview to Novaya Gazeta that “from 2012 and onwards, sexual minorities don’t experience any violations of their rights. They don’t ceased to exist, they don’t face any obstacles”.

As coordinator of the Monitoring program of the Russian LGBT Network Elena Flegontova pointed out, “Our work in the regions gave us an opportunity to see what the situation outside of big cities is. This is the reality that so hard to trace and that is so different from what we see in St. Petersburg and Moscow. And it is not only because people face violence and discrimination more often, there are also constant fears, closedness and helplessness”.

The public presentation of the Monitoring report took place in Moscow in the end of May 2016. At the presentation, Natalia Poplevskaya, another coordinator of the Monitoring program, stressed that "despite all the differences between the regions, there are clear similarities, and one of the most visible – closedness of the LGBT community. And it is not surprising. The decisions taken at the Federal level creates negative attitudes towards LGBT community. It leads to violence, and the level of violence is growing constantly since the adoption of the so-called “propaganda law”.

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