LGBT Flash Mob in Khabarovsk disrupted by angry locals

Rainbow over Amur River flash mob organised for May 17 by the local LGBT activists only lasted some 3 minutes before being disrupted by an angry crowd, Interfax news agency reports.  

"The event was planned for Saturday, May 17, and the organisers had been warned by the authorities of the extremely negative attitudes of the public. The police did their duty by preventing pubic disturbances. More than 300 locals came not to let the flash mob take place", police spokeswoman for Khabarovsk territory said.

She says the only thing the LGBT community representatives had suffered was the damaging of the balloons which they were going to release into the air.

"Several balloons were punctured. After this 6 of the most aggressive protesters were arrested. They all turned out to be teenagers, so they were released."

In his turn, Alexander Yermoshkin, the organiser of the LGBT event, claimed on his Facebook page that, in his opinion, Rainbow over Amur River  could nevertheless be considered to have taken place.

"All in all we managed to do everything we had planned. We released the balloons into the air and even stuck pink triangle on two of them", he writes.

He has also posted a video which shows that the participants carrying big piles of coloured balloons did not make it to the planned location of the flash mob.

The protesters against the LGBT flash mob snatched the balloons out of their hands. It was only thanks to a dozen of police officers present that they suffered no violence.