LGBT-activist, who was detained during a Saint-Petersburg Pride yesterday, faces up to 10 days in detention

Yesterday, on the 12th of August 2017, LGBT-activist Anna Grabetskaya was detained at the Saint-Petersburg Pride Event. She was taken to the Police Station No. 78. Grabetskaya will remain in detention until the Monday, 14th of August when her case will be reviewed by the Court. Maria Kozlovskaya, Grabetskaya’s wife, said that unofficially the police stated that Anna is facing up to 10 days of detention.

During the Pride event, Anna Grabetskaya held a solitary picket. She stood with a rainbow flag and a poster saying “I love my wife”. After she finished her picket and made a few steps, she was immediately detained by the police officers.

The official protocol states that Grabetskaya ignored all the warnings that were issued by the police as “she was given 10 minutes to cease her unlawful actions”. The video of the arrest shows that Grabetskaya made only a few steps and did not resist the arrest. Right now she faces detention based on the Article 19.3 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (disobedience to the police force) and Article 20.2 (violation of the procedure for conducting a public event).

Yesterday at the police station Grabetskaya got sick.  Three police officers escorted her to the hospital, yet the doctors decided that there are no serious conditions and returned her to the Police Station.

Right now Anna Grabetskaya is detained at the Police Station. The police officers took away all her personal belonging, including her mobile phone. There is no official information regarding the Court hearing and Grabetskaya’s future.

For more than two years, Anna Grabetskaya was a volunteer of the Russian LGBT Network’s emergency hotline and helped people in need.