Legal Department of State Duma rejected the proposition to ban “public expressions of non-traditional relationships”

Legal Department of State Duma disapproved the draft bill #916716-6 "An amendment to the Russian Federation Administrative Offences Code (regarding the establishment of accountability for public expression of non-traditional sexual relations", which were proposed by deputies of State Duma Ivan Nikitchyuk and Nikolay Arefiev. Nevertheless, the consideration of the bill at the first reading will take place on January 22.

As it is stated in the Conclusion of the Legal Department: "The draft law doesn't meet the criteria of distinctness, clarity and legal certainty of the legal provision, which were voiced many times by the Constitutional Court. It is also not clear what exactly "public demonstration of perverted sexual preferences in public places" means".

Apart from the Legal Department's Conclusion, there are two other reviews. One from Kabardino-Balkaria, which supports the bill, and the other from Legislature of Ulyanovsk region, which opposes it.

Member of the Russian LGBT Network Board Igor Kochetkov said: "We are disappointed that our Parliament consider senseless and illiterate bills. However, we understand that the large amount of our Deputies can stand out only with such absurd ideas".

In October 2015, the communists party deputies proposed the draft bill to establish administrative accountability for public expression of homosexuality. According to the new project, "demonstration of sexual orientation in public places" must be penalized with 4-5 thousands rubles or 15 days of administrative detention. Deputy Nikitchyuk suppose that it could help to strengthen traditional Orthodox values in the Russian society.