Human Rights Council of Saint Petersburg Expressed Support for Transgender People

On November 20th, the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg issued a statement in support of transgender people, dedicated to Transgender Memorial Day, and called on “governments and civil society to take all possible measures to eradicate crimes and discrimination based on gender identity.”

In the statement it was noted that due to the disheartening ignorance of the authorities, a low level of training of different specialists, the population’s low standard of legal culture, and a lack of the necessary legislative framework, transgender people can not take advantage of the most basic civil and social rights.

In this regard, the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg addressed an appeal to the Federal Assembly and the Government of the Russian Federation:

1) To provide a quick, affordable, and transparent procedure for transgender people to change their documents, including birth certificates, passports, employment records, documents connected with education, etc.
2) To cancel unreasonable restrictions on the right of transgender people to manage vehicles and to avoid restrictions on their rights to enter into marriage.

Statement of the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg on Transgender Memorial Day