Gay victim of shooting ask to consider hate motive

Further developments might emerge in the criminal case of a shooting attack that took place in a La Sky community center early November this year.

The lawyer of the victim Dmitry Chizhevsky filed a petition with the court to redefine the criminal case as an infliction of serious injury to health perpetrated by a group of people and organized by a previous concert motivated by hate or enmity towards a social group – LGBT.

On the 3rd of November two individuals came to the La Sky community center when so called “Rainbow coffee drinking” was taking place. The men attacked the participants of the event Anna Prutskova and Dmitry Chizhevsky. Dmitry was shot in the eye from a pneumatic gun, after this the attackers continued shooting, beat the attendees and then fled the scene.

As a result of the attack, Dmitry Chizhevsky lost his left eye's sight despite three operations attempting to save his sight. By the present moment, an expert examination established an infliction of serious harm to health.

The Russian LGBT Network provided a lawyer for the injured. The organization is determined to follow closely all operations of investigative bodies and to bring along a comprehensive and effective investigation of the circumstances of the case. The Russian LGBT Network calls upon all people who are not indifferent to take part in that public control.

In her petition, Dmity's lawyer Olga Tseytlina cites a number of facts corroborating the hate motive. Among other things, the attack was made ahead of the National Unity Day, when radical and extremist groups attack representatives of vulnerable communities: migrants, LGBT representatives, homeless, and the like. Moreover, prior to the attack, the organization received overt threats, which circulated in the Internet at homophobic and nationalistic sites.

The accident has already caused a massive public outcry. A number of human rights organizations, including Amnesty International, international and Russian mass media immediately declared the attack on the attendees of La Sky offices as homophobic, that is, motivated by hate or enmity towards LGBT as a social group.

"All the facts in the case evidence that the attack was inspired by hate motive. Particularly, the attackers yelled out offensive statements related to sexual orientatin – says the injured party Dmitry Chizhevsky, – I am prepared to fight up to the last ditch, and I am sure they will find the attackers in the shortest time. In my view, the homophobic hate motive is manifest, and I won't be satisfied if the court does not take that into account when punishing them. I shall make all that I can for this fact to be established before court," – he summed up.