Extremists attacking LGBT activists on May 1 now seek prosecution of police officers who stood in their way

Earlier we reported how on May 1 Moscow police acted efficiently and in keeping with their duty to protect law-abiding citizens when it arrested several from the gang of religious fundamentalists attacking the joint rally of LGBT and liberal left activists.  

This did not go down well with the extremist groups behind the attack. Their main Internet resource http://vk.com/volk_gomofob - a social networking page responsible for disseminating sheer delirium, sorry, the bulk of homophobic, racist, fundamentalist and obscurantist rhetoric on the Russian-language Internet, along with serving as a platform for coordinating homophobic and nationalist forces and planning attacks - has launched a campaign demanding from the heads of Russia's law enforcement agencies to prosecute the police officers who were fulfilling their duty for "aiding and abetting in holding a gay parade". http://vk.com/volk_gomofob?w=wall-47267385_114595

Their appeal is addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Head of the Investigative Department Alexander Bastrykin, Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, and Moscow Police Commissioner Anatoly Yakunin.

In their complaint they claim, among others, that after they were delivered to the police station, their arrest was not officially registered and the police violated all possible procedures which would later help them confirm they had been under arrest.
This is blatant lies - just like almost anything they claim - because I (MS) personally visited the police station in the company of a prosecution officer later and ascertained that the records of arrests made had been duly entered into the detentions registration book.