Elena Klimova was acquitted

Today Elena Klimova was acquitted by the Dzerzhinskii district court of Nizhni Tagil. Elena stated that she is “very happy about that, and grateful to Maria [Kozlovskaya, her lawyer] for her work. Its so good that sometimes common sense wins.”

The Klimova’s case was brought before the court on January 31st. Elena Klimova is a journalist who published a set of articles about minor’s homosexuality. Then she started to receive letters from those who faced problems connected with their sexual orientation. She decided to publish those letters in a newly created group “Children-404” in the most popular social network in Russia. For that she was accused of “propaganda of homosexuality”.
In a court session the lawyer of the Russian LGBT Network Maria Kozlovskaya proved that Elena Klimova didn’t register the group “Children-404,” that she was just administrating it and that the administrative offence report was made with substantial errors. Moreover, an independent expert D.A. Vinokurov concluded that not only the materials published in the group “Children-404” have nothing to do with “propaganda of homosexuality,” but also that this group is of great help for minors facing problems because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Maria Kozlovskaya states: “We looked for such a decision and believe that it proves the incapacity and groundlessness of the so-called law about “propaganda of homosexuality”. This law contradicts to some Russia’s international obligations and, as it was proved by the decision of the UN Human Rights Committee, consolidates discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and violates the freedom of speech”.