Deportation of Ali Feruz: A Statement from the Russian LGBT Network

On August 1st, 2017, Basmanny Court of the city of Moscow ruled in favor of deportation of Ali Feruz to Uzbekistan. Feruz is a prominent journalist of the Novaya Gazeta. He was detained on the spot and moved to a facility designated for the foreigners, who await deportation.

It is well known that Feruz was tortured while residing in Uzbekistan. Moreover, Feruz openly acknowledges his homosexuality. In Uzbekistan, the state to this day considers consensual same-sex relationships between two adult men to be a crime. Deportation of Ali Feruz to Uzbekistan will result in his incarceration because of his sexuality.

Russian LGBT Network considers that the Decision of the Basmanny Court of the city of Moscow is inhumane and absurd. We demand that this decision should be repealed and that Ali Feruz should be granted asylum in Russia.