Dagestan's Ministry of the Interior does not acknowledge the attack on LGBT-activist

The Ministry of the Interior of the Dagestan Republic reacted to the claim filed by the LGBT activist last month. The response consisted of only one paragraph: “The results of the undertaken investigation do not confirm the facts described in the complaint”.

The complaint the Dagestan's Ministry of interior is referring to was filed on 12th of December 2016. With this claim, Alexander Sidorov demands to identify the person, who attacked him physically, and to undertake disciplinary investigations regarding the police officers who detained him instead of the attackers and humiliated him. 

Alexander Sidorov said that he did not reckon with the decision made by Makhachkala's office: “In my complaint I mentioned the existence of the video, which also can be found on the internet, but also, the attackers' names are no secret. We will wait for the Federal Prosecutor's response”.

To remind, on 1st of December Alexander Sidorov was performing a single protest march against homophobia in Makhachkala, when he was attacked by unknown individuals. The video taken at the crime scene depicts the police officers talking unaffectedly to the attackers without any attempt to stop them. The policemen took Sidorov to the police station, but Sidorov has been refused to file complaints against the attackers and involved policemen. After he has been threatened for 6 hours, he gave up and signed a statement that he just fell badly.