Court Quashes the Decision to Block the Group “Children-404”

The Kaluga Regional Court quashed the decision to block the project “Children-404”. LGBT teens on the social network “VKontakte” satisfied the complaint of Helena Klimova, the project’s founder.

As it became known today, the appellate court recognized the illegal decision by the Kaluga District Court to block the group. The reason for cancellation of the court’s decision came from formal violations – the district court did not call Elena Klimova, the group’s administrator, to participate in the proceedings. In connection with this she did not have the possibility to explain why “Children-404” did not represent propaganda of “non-traditional” sexual relations. In addition, the Appellate Court pointed out that the page can not be entered in the register of banned sites only on the basis of the statement of the prosecutor because this web page was not studied during the trial.

Commenting on the situation, Klimova’s lawyer, Dmitry Bartenev, said: “The regional court found that the decision to close this internet resource can not be made in absentia, without the participation of the owner of the resource. Also, the judge must determine the content of the web page in this case, and the Court of First Instance actually announced the ban of the web page on the grounds of “propaganda” of “non-traditional” sexual relations only because it was required to by the prosecutor’s office without even checking what information was placed on the group page.”

On January 16th, 2016, the Kaluga District Court agreed accept the information posted on the site, which was prohibited across the Russian Federation. Despite the decision of the appellate court, access to the resource has been limited so far. The project “Children-404” was founded in 2013 with the aim of psychological and informal support for teenagers facing problems because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.