The Court of Novosibirsk declared the refusal to employ on the ground of sexual orientation to be illegal

On July 29, Zheleznodorozhny district court of Novosibirsk examined the case of Anna Balash who went to the court to protect her labor rights. The court declared “illegal the refusal of LTD “Sib-Alians” to employ Balash Anna on the grounds of her non-traditional sexual orientation” and ruled to to recover compensation for moral damages at the rate of 1000 rubles.

Anna Balash tried to get a job at LTD “Sib-Alians” twice. First time, in October 2015 and second time - seeing that the vacancy remained to be filled – in February 2016. The reason why woman was refused was the same – “non-traditional sexual orientation”.  For the second time, potential employer even provided women with lengthy written explanation of the refusal.

According to the employer, “non-traditional sexual orientation doesn’t meet job requirements, can negatively affect company’s reputation and will impede to carry out work duties. The position requires a lot of work with clients. The majority of our clients support traditional values. Therefore the employment can lead to financial losses”.

As the lawyer, Anna Yagubtseva pointed it out, “The position of the potential employer is discriminative and contradicts to the legislation of the Russian Federation. There are however very few cases when we can prove the fact of discrimination in the court. It is highly probable that the employer will appeal, but we are ready”.