Collective participants

Collective participants are civil society associations and initiative groups that are a part of the Russian LGBT Network. Together with individual participants from regional divisions, and in a number of regions separately from them, our collective participants work actively and take part in the informative campaigns and other events of the LGBT Network.

There are  8 organizations registered as collective participants of Russian LGBT Network today:

  1. "Avers " - Samarskaya oblast
  2. "Gender-L" - Saint Petersburg
  3. "Wings" - Saint Petersburg
  4. "Nuntiare et Recreare" - Murmanskaya oblast
  5. "Rainbow House" - Tyumenskaya oblast
  6. "Rakurs" - Arkhangelsgaya oblast
  7. "Revers" - Krasnodarsky kray
  8. "Nuntiare et Recreare" - Saint Petersburg
  9. "StopHate" - Saint Petersburg