Any Information Regarding the Exact Location of the Victims, who Fled Persecution in the Chechen Republic, Should not be Revealed: A Statement from the Russian LGBT Network

Recently various media outlets published information on LGBT people who fled persecution in the Chechen Republic and found sanctuary in Canada. The Russian LGBT Network has warned its counterparts that revealing detailed information on the exact location of the victims might be harmful. Yet this information became available through multiple sources. The information, presented in the recent media coverage of the Chechnya crisis, was not approved by all the parties involved in the relocation of the victims.

The Russian LGBT Network multiple times highlighted that no one should disclose detailed information about the current location of the victims in open sources. We kindly asked our partnering organizations and media outlets to refrain from revealing this information in the future.

People, who suffered persecution in the Chechen Republic, fled Russia fearing that the persecutions will continue. They fear not only the Chechen authorities, but also the members of the Chechen diaspora, that continues their efforts to track the victims. Any information regarding the exact location of these people can harm their safety and security.