Another one court stated that the head of the Murmansk LGBT initiative group “Maximum” violated so-called propaganda law

On March 31, the judge of the Leninsky district court of Murmansk Olga Lobanova upheld the decision of the Magistrates court regarding the head of the LGBT initiative group “Maximum” Sergey Alekseenko. It means that Alexeenko has to pay fine of 100 000 rubles (approximately 1 300 Euro) for the violation of the “propaganda law”.

To remind, the case against Sergey Alekseenko was filed in December 2015. A post on the wall in the social network “VKontakte” served as a pretext to file the protocol on administrative offence. The post states, "Being gay means being brave and confident person, with dignity and self-esteem". The expert report prepared by the forensic laboratory of the Ministry of Justice judged this sentence to be propaganda.

It is interesting to note that this sentence is an almost verbatim quotation from Roskomnadzor’s report on Elena Klimova's case. Describing the contents of the online community "Children-404", experts from Roskomnadzor pointed out that the materials of the group "may lead children to believe that being gay means being brave, strong, confident, determined, having self-esteem and self-worth..."

Sergey Alekseenko says that in the court of the first instance “The judge didn’t take into account the fact that the report of administrative offence was filed against the head of the organization, which doesn’t exist anymore. Moreover, she ignored the violation of procedural rules and the fact, that the phrase I was punished for was the quotation from Roskomnadzor’s report (Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications)”.