Against all odds, the queer festival “Chernomorye-2016” has been held!

Despite all the difficulties and received threats, the queer festival “Chernomorye-2016” have been successfully held in Krasnodar Krai on July 9 and 10. More than 40 people from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Anapa and various cities of Krasnodar Krai participated in the festival.

The participants began to arrive as early as July 7. At about the same time groups of cossacks were combing the coastal area in search of the festival’s site. The next day the camp where the festival’s new-comers were gathering was visited by the police who asked participants to show their papers and looked for the event’s organizer – Tatiana Shirokova. Later it became known to the festival orginizers that the police had been checking all the campings in the nearby area every 2 or 3 days in course of the last two weeks. Despite this, the participants enjoyed good weather and nature, got to know each other and played various games.

The next day, July 9, the grand opening of the festival was held. It was followed by team game activities that unfortunately were interrupted by the sudden arrival of unexpected visitors. That time it were the police and the fire service. On their leave relay races as well as volleyball and pioneerball matches were held. In the evening a clay modelling master class was given and a training session on advocacy and cases of discrimination and hate crimes monitoring were held as well. The evening ended with a guitar-accompanied bonfire singalong.

July 10 began with a ju-jitsu master class, but during the lunch time the festival was visited by the police once again – that time they were accompanied by a cossack. Once again the visitors asked every one present to show their documents. Later the participants played Mafia party game and left the camping in the evening.
The festival organizer and the leader of the Krasnodar LGBT movement “Revers” says she’s satisfied with the festival and especially pleased that, against all odds, it was held.

“I’ve just been to the sport rally held by “Revers” with my friend (who is also a trans guy). There were a marvelous friendly atmosphere, sport competitions, training sessions, pine forest, caressing sea, cicada singing, and mischievous and cheeky yet charming raccoons)) The organizers have done unbelievably great job having gathered people from various parts of Russia and a pair of t*ravellers from Ukraine (us that is to say), brought everyone comfortably to the festival’s site, provided them with everything they need and secured saftety. It is not an easy thing to do, I’d say, and they’ve done it remarkably well!

I was proposed to give an open lesson in ju-jitsu and I gladly took the offer. Promotion of sport among t* (and LGB as well) is one of my major lines of work as an activist. The folks proved wonderful trainees and the lesson went great while training in the open air, pines around and the sea-view all contributed to making the atmosphere of the event unforgettable.

Thanks so much to organizers and all the participants! Sure, this is not the last event held by “Revers” I’m going to attend))”. One of the event’s participants says.